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Archive: December 2014

Holiday Gifts for the Gardener on Your List

If you have a gardener on your holiday gift list, the choices for your green-thumbed loved one can be endless– with everything ranging from books and boots, to totes and tools.

But to better help you get those stockings stuffed, and fast, the Avant Gardening and Landscaping team pulled together this quick list of items we consider affordable favorites. We’re pretty sure you will, too.

  • Gardening or landscape notebook
  • Magazine subscription
  • Stepping stone kit
  • Windowsill herb holders
  • Weather center station
  • Blade sharpener
  • Vegetable and herb plant markers
  • Gardening kneeler and seat
  • Wind chimes
  • Vine tuteur
  • Gift certificate to Avant Gardening and Landscaping
















How to Create a Wonderful Winter Landscape

Another Wisconsin winter officially begins this month.  And while Mother Nature reminded us about the quickly changing seasons with some early cold temperatures and snow, the calendar reveals the real start of winter at 6:03 pm (EST) on December 21st.

This time of year may not seem to be the most  enjoyable for any work in your yard, but our team at Avant Gardening & Landscaping wants to encourage you to try creating your own attractive winter landscape. We suggest starting by inspecting your yard from several points of view while you are inside your home. What do you see? Do you notice where your landscaping may lack some focus or eye-catching lines? Make a few notes about these areas as the spots where you’d like to create some winter interest.

And we’ve put together these three unique ideas for you to try:

  1. Add some structure – cedar arbors, fences, obelisks, benches, trellises, even birdbaths are great for creating focal points in a snowy landscape. Just imagine a natural stone fire pit with a pre-set teepee of birch logs, sparkling in the sunlight after a fresh snowfall!
  2. Utilize architectural plants – evergreens are typically in the background during the summertime when vibrant flowers steal your attention, but these elements can provide the needed form and color to your snow-covered landscape. Consider non-green evergreens as well, such as dwarf globe blue spruce.
  3. Select shrubs with color – Interesting bark like ninebark, and dogwoods; or winterberries, and aronia / chokeberries are all fantastic choices for multi-seasonal plants. Each may also attract birds and other wildlife, breathing some signs of life back into your quiet, but wonderful winter landscape.