Avant Gardening

Retail Nursery

Avant is home to a unique, relatively small nursery located outside of McFarland in central Dane County. We are a short drive from Madison and surrounding communities and specialize in high-quality, locally grown perennials. We also have a selection of container shrubs. Our nursery staff will be happy to work with you to find the perfect plant or to allow you to browse on our own!


Typical Hours

Hours are subject to change due to weather and staff availabilty. Please call (608) 838-2054 before you come to ensure we are open.

End of May – October
M – Th: 9am – 4pm
Friday 9am – 3pm
Saturday by appointment

Why buy at  Avant?

Avant Gardening & Landscaping specializes in plants that gardeners and landscapers love. Our perennials are sold in larger sizes such as 1 and 2 gal pots. We have a popular selection of shrubs, evergreens and some ornamental trees. We also offer a small selection of potting mixes, compost, and organic soil amendments.

As landscape designers it’s our business to create specialty plant combinations for pollinators, rain gardens, and seasonal displays. We’re making these combinations available to our retail shoppers by pre-selecting and showcasing these mixes throughout our nursery. Whether you are looking for a mix for birds and butterflies, easy care natives, herbs for your kitchen, pond plants, or containers – we’ve got you covered! Our plants are cared for by a staff of professional horticulturist. We use organic gardening methods and integrated pest management to reduce the need for chemical insecticides and herbicides.

Above and beyond our plants we offer personalized service and advice for all your landscaping needs. Design, delivery and planting services are available.

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