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Water Features

A water feature can be anything that showcases or utilizes water in the landscape. Ponds, fountains, pondless waterfalls, rain gardens, and stream beds are just a few examples. Incorporating a water feature into your landscape can create a peaceful atmosphere while supporting wildlife habitat and creative learning. Our philosophy is simple: custom build every feature using a combination of art, science, and experience.


Ponds instantly add visual interest, especially when combined with unique hardscaping, plantings or colorful fish. If the backyard oasis you envision includes the addition of koi to your family, we can help keep them as healthy as possible. We believe it’s important for ponds to appear natural, like they have been there for years. We typically hand pick specific boulders and are perfectionists when it comes to layout and installation. We design our ponds to match your landscape, lifestyle and budget.

Pondless Waterfalls

If you love the sound and visual appeal of running water but aren’t crazy about the idea of standing water then a pondless waterfall may be for you. Pondless waterfalls can be as simple as a small waterfall spilling over a boulder and disappearing into a bed of decorative stone. Conversely, they could recreate a mountain stream with water meandering through the landscape and babbling over several waterfalls. In any case, the water is always moving and there are no pools or ponding.

Pond Maintenance

Ponds require regular maintenance to keep looking and performing their best. Let us help you keep your system running smoothly with our reliable and effective pond maintenance programs. After all, you should be relaxing in your backyard to the soothing sound of flowing water – not cleaning out or worrying about your pond.

Rain Gardens & Biofiltration

A rain garden is a slightly depressed area that’s home to a variety of water tolerant plants that help manage, absorb, and clean the water directed into it. Rain gardens have become popular in recent years because they offer many benefits. They can vary greatly in size and may be a good alternative to buried pipes and ugly drain inlets. When done right, a rain garden can add seasonal beauty and wildlife diversity to your yard while helping to improve drainage issues and water quality. However, they are not a “no maintenance” solution. Like all beautiful, functioning gardens they do require some upkeep.


  • Removes suspended solids before entering the public infrastructure
  • Improved water clarity through the use of natural systems
  • Helps prevent high nutrient counts from entering lakes and streams
  • Adds beauty to the landscape through diverse plantings
  • Creates wildlife habitat throughout the seasons


Traditional stormwater systems are designed to move water into the public storm sewer system as quickly as possible. This approach can place an undue burden on municipal infrastructure. A more sustainable solution is to try to capture and treat as much stormwater on site as possible. A biofiltration strip functions much like a large rain garden by slowing, capturing, and filtering runoff. This allows for the breakdown and/or removal of pollutants and solid materials. A well-designed, carefully integrated stormwater management system will add to property values and increase water quality while providing attractive plantings and wildlife habitat.

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