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Unique Landscape Plants at Avant Gardening’s Plant Sale

In case you haven’t heard… Avant Gardening and Landscaping is having a plant sale!

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This post will focus on a few of the more unique shrub choices we have available for purchase – they look excellent in our nursery right now! Come see for yourself this weekend!

Corylus avellana ‘Contorta’ (Harry Lauders Walking Stick)

20160510_140020 20160510_141555This twisted shrub has a crazy form and looks like a miniature curly willow tree! It can get 8-10ft tall and wide and would do well in full sun/part-shade conditions. It was discovered growing as a sport in an English hedgerow in the mid-1800s by Victorian gardener Canon Ellacombe. This plant was subsequently given the common name of Harry Lauder’s Walking Stick in the early 1900’s in honor of Scottish entertainer Harry Lauder (1870-1950).

Calycanthus floridus (Sweetshrub or Carolina Allspice)sweetshrub

A medium to large deciduous shrub, it can grow in full sun to quite shady conditions. It has super unique strap-like flowers, it’s best to purchase this plant when in flower (which ours are right now!) because the quality and intensity of the fragrance can vary widely from plant to plant. Commonly called Sweetshrub, in reference to the fragrant blooms which have been described as combining hints of pineapple, strawberry and banana. To read more about Calycanthus – click here.

Deutzia gracilis ‘Nikko’ (Slender Deutzia)

20160510_140339A small mounded deciduous shrub which forms a graceful, spreading clump typically about 2ft tall. With a profusion of tiny, white flowers this shrub is sure to add spring interest to any garden! Supposedly rabbit resistant (we’re testing this… they’ll eat ANYTHING if they are hungry enough) it’s a great choice for sunny or partial shade conditions. Might want to treat this plant as more of a “die-back” shrub since it is Zone 5. It has nice attractive fall foliage that turns a deep burgundy color.

Stay tuned next week for some dainty woodland shade garden plants we’ll have available!