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Your August Gardening Checklist: 5 Crops You Should Plant Right Now

If you are currently enjoying the fruits (and vegetables!) of your labor after carefully tending to your spring garden plantings, did you know August in our area of Southern Wisconsin can be an ideal time to plant seeds — for a second gardening season? Our Avant Gardening and Landscaping team encourages you to give it a try! Here’s our top 5 favorites for a fast harvest this fall:

Beans:  plant bush and pole beans for a fall crop, with mid-August the last practical sowing date.

Lettuce:  sow lettuce by mid-August by growing early harvest varieties to produce your fall crop before the cold weather arrives.

Peas:  green peas and sugar peas are great to plant in August, and will produce a moderate fall harvest.

Radish:  one of the fast and easy vegetables to grow; plant now and you’ll have a fall crop in less than 30 days.

Spinach:  a cool weather vegetable, spinach is great to grow in August. New, primed seeds available on the market can also germinate faster, and be ready for picking in 40 days.

Your fall garden can be just as productive as your spring planting. And Avant is always here to help make your gardening experience easy, enjoyable, and a success!